Boris Johnson to say reversing Brexit vote would be disastrous - Politics live

Follow the day’s political developments as they happen, including the foreign secretary’s ‘road to Brexit’ speech at 11am 11.00am GMT We’re expecting Boris Johnson to start his speech - the first in a series of “road to Brexit” addresses to be given by government ministers - in a few moments. Waiting for Boris Johnson here in the next five mins to lay out his vision for “liberal Brexit.” But heard a lot of vision tbh and we’d love a bit of detail Related: Boris Johnson warns thwarting Brexit vote would be disastrous 9.37am GMT There’s been some reaction on the continent to the reports around Boris Johnson’s speech, in which he plans to set out the liberal argument for Brexit. Guy Verhofstadt, the European parliament’s Brexit coordinator, has tweeted: Putting up barriers to the movement of trade and people & suggesting that the identity of citizens can only be national is not liberal - it's quite the opposite. Continue reading...
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